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Daily Family Farms wants to help you experience nature like never before. Our high-quality corn feed allows you to experience the simple joy of feeding wildlife in their natural habitat.


Buy Online - Quality Ear Corn Feed for Squirrels, Birds, Deer

Connecting with nature is one of the great joys of life. There is no better way to do so than to provide high quality corn feed to birds and other wild critters all year round and especially during the cold winter months when natural food is scarce. At Daily’s Family Farm, we sell fresh ear corn as feed for use by farmers, animal lovers, bird watchers, and anyone else that would like to feed animals with quality cob corn and feed corn.

Good recipients for our corn feed include livestock, various types of birds, squirrels, deer, raccoons and other wildlife. Our corn feed is great for spreading on the ground and on tables, placing in bird feeders, and for setting out cob corn for the more playful and adventurous creatures. 

Try setting out a corn cob in the woods and seeing what it attracts. Once you've made a new friend, set the cobs closer and closer to where you'd like them to eventually visit on a regular basis! Your new wildlife companion will appreciate the food, and you and your family will enjoy the ambience of having woodland creatures close by.

All wildlife corn that you buy from us is packaged and delivered directly from our farm, so you can be sure you are getting a fresh, high-quality product. All processing and packaging is done by hand at our family farm to reduce kernel loss from the ears.

If you have hunting in mind, our ear corn is also great for attracting and feeding deer.

How To Order Ear Corn

You can click on our ear corn products and order online! We will package the corn feed you need and send it to your home directly from our farm.

We sell ear corn by the bag or by the case, depending on how much you would like to buy. Larger quantities of packaged ear corn are available by special order. If you are looking to buy in bulk, please give us a call at (812) 371-5644.

Daily’s Farm Market

Aside from our corn business, we also own a farmer’s market situated on the western edge of Columbus, Indiana. We offer a variety of fresh farm products, including produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, and take-home dinners. Everything we offer, aside from products from other Indiana companies, are grown and raised on our farm.

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