Fowl are Twitter-pated By Wild Bird Feed

locally grown wild bird feed

Locally Grown Wild Bird Feed 

We love to watch beautiful birds fluttering about their natural environment. Hence why we are so enthusiastic about giving them a natural locally grown treat! Daily Family Farms is your source for locally grown wild bird feed. Whole corn is an excellent treat for flighty birds. They spend so much energy hopping and flying around; it’s no wonder they need to eat one-half to one-quarter of their body weight every day to stay healthy. Ever hear someone say you eat like a bird? Now that’s a pretty funny saying!

attract insect eating birds with wild bird feed

Crows Can’t Get Enough!

The crow is known as one of nature’s most intelligent birds. It’s impressive how this bird shows an ability to remember information and even faces. These sleek feathered locals have quite a long lifespan, some reaching 14 years of age. Feeding your local crow population is very rewarding. This bird not only appreciates dried whole corn but also feasts on insects, fruits, small mammals, and carrion. Since they are omnivores, crows include all sorts of food in their diet. This bird maintains a family, so when you begin to feed them, eventually they will bring all their siblings and cousins over too! Being a cooperative breeder means the aging crows stay near to help raise the youth. When you provide them with wholesome wild bird feed, such as dried corn, you will get to know the entire family through the years. They may even bring you shiny little gifts as a token of appreciation, though it may just be a crumpled piece of foil!      wild bird feed for ducks

Satisfying Whole Corn Feed

It’s that time of year when we see many downy ducklings and goslings paddling around the local waters. It takes a lot of energy to raise these hatchlings to maturity. One way to help out the local feathered Ma and Pa is to supply them with nutritious corn. The extra fuel they spend during this season will leave them hungry for a wholesome filling snack. Ducks are truly fantastic feathered friends. They enjoy eating insects which we find bothersome. These birds will snatch up nearly any insect, including grubs, mosquito larvae, and beetles. When we take care of our natural cohabitants, they take care of us. Remember how much birds eat per day? One goose can easily eat up to four pounds of food daily! Many people feed geese and ducks bread. Unknowingly, they are treating the water fowls to a meal which they cannot easily digest and has little nutritional value for the high energy birds. Treat waterfowl to a locally grown snack. We recommend our wild bird feed for a more sustainable and digestible option.

Wild Bird Feed for your feathered friends!

Gain Popularity Amongst the Feathered Ones

It’s not a popularity contest, or is it? Be the favorite local human and provide all your feathered friends with the nutrition they need. Treat them to a local source of wild bird feed. Lucky for you, Daily Family Farms supplies bags of whole corn in various amounts. Check out our online store for all your natural corn feed needs. If you would like to know more about how our corn benefits wildlife read Whole Corn Feed for Your Wild Neighbors, our blog post on the many different local creatures who dine on this nutritious snack. Thanks for flying by!