Best Food For Squirrels

best food for squirrels

Have you ever noticed those long-tailed and furry creatures running up a tree? Or even performing balancing acts on a high electrical wire? You’re probably seeing one of Indiana’s many squirrels!   Squirrels are a unique type of creature. They are extremely fast and they have excellent vision, terrific hearing, and wonderful climbing abilities. They…

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Squirrels Go Nuts for Corn

corn for squirrels

How to use corn to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary: Squirrels can be your new furry, funny friends. Watching squirrels feed, interact, and play can be a stress relief and add enjoyment to your day. Watching squirrels play is not only amusing for you, but also beneficial to the squirrels. Studies show social…

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3 Reasons to Fight Squirrel Hunger! – Squirrel Corn Cobs

squirrel corn cobs

We have all heard someone talk about the fight to end world hunger amongst humans, but rarely do you come across an opportunity to end squirrel hunger. Why not? Squirrels can be hungry too! Here are a few reasons that we should care more about joining the fight to end squirrel hunger: Squirrel Corn Cobs…

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Gary The Squirrel – Squirrel Corn On The Cob

squirrel corn on the cob

Pets are interesting creatures. They can teach often teach us more about life and our individual identities than anything else in the world. Rick, one of our regulars, told us an interesting story about why he buys squirrel corn on the cob. He comes to our store at least once every three weeks. We’ve never really…

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Jumping for Joy – Flying Squirrel Food in Indiana

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…squirrel?! Wait, how is that squirrel gliding through the air so effortlessly? Is this some sort of ninja animal? You blink your eyes a few times to make sure you’re fully awake, but when you open them again, you see the creature flying off of the tree! Your…

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