Gary The Squirrel – Squirrel Corn On The Cob

Pets are interesting creatures. They can teach often teach us more about life and our individual identities than anything else in the world. Rick, one of our regulars, told us an interesting story about why he buys squirrel corn on the cob. He comes to our store at least once every three weeks. We’ve never really asked him why he shops with us; he seems like he normally keeps to himself. One day, one of our new cashiers was able to have more than a 15 second conversation and what we learned was very touching. Rick’s dog, Red, passed away 6 months ago which left him and his wife, Mary, devastated. Rick and Mary are empty nesters—their children have graduated from college and now lead successful lives away from home. That left Rick, Mary, and Red at home alone to enjoy retirement. Rick and Red were best friends. They went on daily walks. When the two of them were in the house, they were inseparable. 


A New Friend Came Along

When Rick’s dog became sick, he and his wife took great care of him. They never missed a vet’s appointment and they did everything they could to make him as comfortable as possible. But late one night, Red passed away. Rick was devastated, but together him and Mary buried Red in their backyard. That evening they were sitting on their back porch watching the sunset while keeping an eye on their old friend’s grave, when a curious squirrel climbed the stairs of the porch and sat next to them. They didn’t pay much attention to the squirrel, but the three of them simply sat there. Day in and day out the same squirrel would come and sit next to them as they watched the sunset behind their woods. The squirrel never bothered them; occasionally the squirrel would lay down next to Rick and take naps—not at all afraid of either Rick or Mary. After they noticed that this was a common theme, Mary decided to name the squirrel Gary. Each day, Gary would come visit like he was offering his condolences. As this became regular, Mary and Rick decided that they should feed their new friend. So, they purchased squirrel corn on the cob. If Gary wasn’t in love before, he was now. Rick said, “He shows up every day whether we leave food out or not. I think he knew Mary and I needed a new friend”.


Squirrel Magnet

We cannot promise you that you will somehow befriend a squirrel like Gary, but we can help you turn your backyard into a squirrel paradise. Squirrels cannot resist squirrel corn on the cob and Rick swears up and down that it is Gary’s favorite meal. Essentially, squirrel corn on the cob is a great way to attract harmless critters to your back yard for friendly company. If it is good enough for Gary, it can be good enough for your furry friends.