Squirrels Go Nuts for Corn

corn for squirrels

How to use corn to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary: Squirrels can be your new furry, funny friends. Watching squirrels feed, interact, and play can be a stress relief and add enjoyment to your day. Watching squirrels play is not only amusing for you, but also beneficial to the squirrels. Studies show social…

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Gary The Squirrel – Squirrel Corn On The Cob

squirrel corn on the cob

Pets are interesting creatures. They can teach often teach us more about life and our individual identities than anything else in the world. Rick, one of our regulars, told us an interesting story about why he buys squirrel corn on the cob. He comes to our store at least once every three weeks. We’ve never really…

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Baby Squirrel Food and Care

Look at the cute little baby squirrels! Scraping their tiny bellies on the lawn, making their fur damp! Hopping and frolicking with glistening coats toward the next bit of something-or-other that’s lying in the grass. But what’s in the grass? Is that a discarded potato chip? Oh no! My poor baby squirrel! Baby Squirrel Food…

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Daily Family Farms: Best Squirrel Food

Look at him dash up the side of that maple! How does he launch himself all the way over to the elm from there? If he were a human, he’d be a superhero. But in real life, he’s Sprocket, my favorite little squirrel friend. I just love watching him rush here and there and scavenging…

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Daily Family Farms: Corn for Squirrels

Hello there, animal lovers! Do you enjoy seeing your furry friends frolicking in your backyard—not just the ones that come inside with you—but squirrels too? If you really love them, then you’ll keep them fed, so they can stay healthy and strong. This is especially important if you want to keep them around. Corn for…

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