Corn Feed FAQs

What wild animals are attracted to the corn?

While it may vary based on where you live and the time of year, you can catch many animals around your home by using corn, including: songbirds, hawks, crows, quail, squirrels, opossum, rabbits, raccoon, foxes, turkey and deer.


What time of year is best to set corn out?

Any! Wild corn will attract different animals at different times of year. The wild corn is pretty weather resistant, meaning it will last a while no matter what the outdoor conditions. The fall is a great time to attract wild deer with corn. Spring and summer are for the birds, with bigger varieties coming close to eat their fill. Squirrels looking for a bite during the winter love corn.

Setting out corn can be a great source of family fun all year round! Check out this video of squirrels feasting on corn during the fall and winter


How should I set out the corn to best attract animals?

That depends on the type of animal you want to see. For birds, a bird feeder that can support a larger bird is a good choice. Squirrels will often use them, too! But some birds prefer to eat on the ground, so spreading corn feed out on the ground or on a picnic table will work great. Laying corn around the porch or other ground-level surfaces will work for various furry mammals, like raccoons, squirrels, and more.

Bigger animals, like deer, take a bit more thought and effort. Set the corn out in a moisture-resistant container (like a bottle or big tin), but make sure the container is open to let out the corn scent. Place the corn near where the deer move regularly to catch their attention. Once the deer start coming in closer, you can move the container more. After a while, they will get used to your back yard and come regularly.


Can I use wild corn to attract animals for hunting?

While this may seem like a good idea, be sure to check your state’s hunting laws before doing so. The laws about using bait for hunting purposes vary by state. In Indiana, for example, it is illegal to hunt using corn to attract animals to you.


Does field corn attract animals in a town/city?

Yes! While larger animals, like deer and turkeys, may not be stopping by, you can still attract several varieties of large bird, squirrels, and maybe even an opossum or raccoon! Make sure you stick to proper corn feed. It may be tempting to feed wildlife using your left-overs or readily available snack food, but this causes animals to become picky eaters while also making them unhealthy.

Buy online and we will send corn fresh from our farm to your doorstep for all of your in-town corn needs.


Is this corn good for farm animals?

Ear corn is a great food source for almost any farm animal! Just don’t try taking a bite yourself, as field corn is not like the sweet corn we eat! You may break a tooth or otherwise put an unpleasant taste in your mouth. But the animals love it!

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