Feeding Wildlife Corn Feed

Wildlife is a fascinating thing to people across the globe. From small birds foraging for a bite to eat to graceful deer bounding across fields, each one of these interactions with nature creates a desire to get closer. Thankfully, there is a way to see wildlife up close without going to the zoo – or even leaving your backyard.

Feeding wildlife is a great way to see all of your backyard animals in their natural states. It's not expensive, and it's not difficult, but it may take a bit of thought and time expenditure depending on what type of animal you're trying to attract. From bird watchers to farmers, and even the family at home, feeding wildlife is a relaxing and fun way to get closer to the world around you.

Feeding wildlife can open the door to quiet scenes of deer feeding in the clearing at dusk, or comical squirrels rolling around with corn kernels. And scattered throughout can be various kinds of songbirds picking up the remnants left behind by squirrels and deer or being the "early bird" that descends on its lifeless prey as soon as it is set out. No matter the kind of animals you like, there is something magical about a close experience with nature that only feeding can bring.

But for feeding to be fun and safe, be sure to always follow these tips.

-Wildlife must always be treated with respect. Try and preserve the natural balance of life when feeding wildlife around your home. Always keep your distance from the animals for the safety of both you and them. Use a feeder when setting out food to help keep both man and animal safe.

-Be aware that feeding animals can condition them to come by to check for food. Research what animals live in your area, and use food that will only bring by animals that will be safe for you, your home, and your yard.

-Also, take care as to what type of food you're setting out. Don't give them human food like left-overs and snacks--especially if they're sugary or fattening. Animals need to eat healthy food, just like humans. You certainly don't want to encourage picky eating and weight gain among your furry friends.

-By keeping these simple things in mind, you can begin seeing your backyard friends in ways you never have before. Both rewarding and relaxing, see why people have been setting out feeders and planting food plots for years.


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