Best Deer Bait

It can be tricky finding the right food that will lure deer out of the forest. However, we will make searching for the best deer bait an easy task! Like many nature lovers and animal watchers, you value the experience of interacting with deer and seeing them meander closer to you. Our team at Daily Family Farms has advice on which baits are the most effective for attracting deer to share with you! With our aid, deer will be drawn to your location of choice in no time!

Corn for Deer Bait

Deer demonstrate a strong liking toward corn which is why it ranks as one of the best deer bait.  Not only do deer favor corn, but it contains high levels of nutrients, whole grains, and carbohydrates that they cannot get naturally. Along these lines, corn is a healthy supplement in colder months when food is limited. We advise scattering corn in various areas where deer usually appear. Before you know it, they will be gracefully grazing on the corn. If you want deer to frequent your location of choice, stock up on our corn! We offer the highest quality deer feed from our deer bait store. We also suggest placing the corn in moisture resistant containers or feeders like tins and cans for deer to eat at their leisure. Other animals also enjoy feasting on corn, ensuring that none of it goes to waste, regardless of the season.


Chestnuts are a rare delicacy because the chestnut disease, chestnut blight, has wiped them out. While chestnuts are rare, they are loaded with proteins and carbohydrates. Placing chestnuts into a feeder will help make even smaller quantities last longer. If you want more, save the seeds to grow your own chestnut trees. You can also plant chestnut seeds that have a hybrid gene, making them resistant to chestnut blight. If deer do not fancy chestnuts as you anticipated, they make a great snack for people because they have a high level of vitamin c, magnesium, and fiber.


Deer cannot resist acorns that are close to the bedding area of the forest. The tannic acid (acorns that are not too bitter or ripe) attract deer to places in the forest where the oak nut are not found. Acorns make the best deer bait because they can be stored for long periods of time and introducing them during warmer months helps deer become more accustomed to eating woody browse in winter.  

The Experience of Nature

There is something magical about having a close encounter with a deer. We want to enable you to experience this incredible feeling! Seeing deer prance towards you can wake up the inner-child in anyone. Our favored deer bait is easily obtainable. We not only grow fresh corn on our farm, but we also grow your enthusiasm for feeding these majestic forest creatures. As an additional strategy, use this list in combination with apples and peanut butter, to make your homemade deer bait to further appeal to your local deer population’s appetite.