How to Make Homemade Deer Bait (And other fun tips and tricks!)

homemade deer bait

Deer are very interesting animals. They come from a family called, “Cervidae,” in which there are many different related species. They are surprisingly high jumpers and good swimmers! They usually travel in groups which are called, “herds.” There are many different types of deer and they all differ in size and weight. For instance,…

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Squirrels Go Nuts for Corn

corn for squirrels

How to use corn to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary: Squirrels can be your new furry, funny friends. Watching squirrels feed, interact, and play can be a stress relief and add enjoyment to your day. Watching squirrels play is not only amusing for you, but also beneficial to the squirrels. Studies show social…

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