Best Food For Squirrels

Have you ever noticed those long-tailed and furry creatures running up a tree? Or even performing balancing acts on a high electrical wire? You’re probably seeing one of Indiana’s many squirrels!
Squirrels are a unique type of creature. They are extremely fast and they have excellent vision, terrific hearing, and wonderful climbing abilities. They are arguably the most gifted creatures in terms of their skill set. Nobody has the speed, climbing, and agility all in one package quite like the squirrel. Aside from that greatness, what really sets them apart is their appetite.
Squirrels are not picky eaters. They eat a variety of things like acorns, fruits, veggies, flowers, etc. Now, we cannot throw away the fact that squirrels do have a beating heart and a stomach system that works similarly to that of a human. A typical tree squirrel’s routine diet should consist of roughly 30% rodent block (squirrel chow), 30% vegetables, 25% fruits, and 15% nuts and seeds.
With that being said, it is not healthy for them to eat any and everything the world throws at them or whatever they find.  So, let’s get going with a list of the best foods for squirrels.
Feeding squirrels corn can have positive impacts on their bodies. If you feed squirrels corn, thumbs up to you! They are packed with a good source of vitamin A and are great sources of energy. However, regardless of the food that you give squirrels or whatever they find, it is very important that they have fresh foods and snacks at all times. It can boost their systems and keep their bodies healthy.  
This source of food is extremely beneficial because it gives squirrels a chewing exercise and also allows them to receive natural protein and essential amino acids. 
Fruits & Vegetables
Squirrels are mostly herbivores, so it is important for them to have their vegetables. It may be difficult at first to feed them vegetables, but if you give them small portions of raw fruits and vegetables, they will become accustomed to it. However, take it lightly on fruits because it can decrease their ability to absorb calcium if they consume too big of portions. 
Deer Antler
Getting hold of a deer antler and fixing it to a tree for the squirrels to nibble on can be a great source of calcium. As odd as it sounds, it can have a high and positive impact. Getting a good source of protein and calcium can help with bones and allow them to receive the proper nutrients. 
What Not To Feed Squirrels 
It is key for squirrels to have vital nutrients and a good snack. However, it is even more important for squirrels to consume the right foods and not the wrong foods. Feeding squirrels peanuts will have no positive impact. Rather, it will deliver poor nutritional value.  Most people think that peanuts are a form of nuts. They are actually legumes, which is not a form of nut. 
Moldy Food 
Feeding squirrels moldy foods can be harmful and toxic to their bodies. If you feed squirrels foods that have grown a toxic mold, that can kill the squirrel. Fresh food is a must!  
Before You Go 
Newborn squirrels should have a stricter diet when it comes to food selection. Feeding them vital nutrients such as the ones listed above is crucial. Finding and knowing the best foods for squirrels is no longer a luxury; it should be a must. Although they may not be our pets or around us often, we still should know the facts to be able to help and nourish them when that time comes. 
Let’s take good care of mother nature and its inhabitants. Nothing should be left untreated, and animals should always have the luxury of a healthy body.