Tips on Feeding Wild Birds

feeding wild birds

Birds are our feathery friends that need nutritious foods to thrive in the environment since they are known to control weeds and insects. Not only are they beneficial to the environment but feeding them is a fun activity and hobby. It can be relaxing and fascinating to watch birds fly onto the bird feeder. Certain…

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Wild Turkey Food: What Do Wild Turkeys Eat?

wild turkey food

Gobble, gobble! This is the sound from the recognizable Wild Turkey with its distinct characteristics of a fan-like tail, pink legs, and curvy bill. Even though Wild Turkeys are a common topic during Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are seen all year round. Despite their popularity during the holidays, Wild Turkeys may be overlooked as key…

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Top 5 Wild Bird Feed

wild bird feed

Birds are unique creatures. They are warm-blooded vertebrate animals that are born with wings, a beak, and feathers. You may hear them in the early mornings (depending on the season), or you may witness them miles above your head racing the wind. Flying birds’ wings are molded to provide the proper take off, allowing them…

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Best Food For Squirrels

best food for squirrels

Have you ever noticed those long-tailed and furry creatures running up a tree? Or even performing balancing acts on a high electrical wire? You’re probably seeing one of Indiana’s many squirrels!   Squirrels are a unique type of creature. They are extremely fast and they have excellent vision, terrific hearing, and wonderful climbing abilities. They…

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How to Make Homemade Deer Bait (And other fun tips and tricks!)

homemade deer bait

Deer are very interesting animals. They come from a family called, “Cervidae,” in which there are many different related species. They are surprisingly high jumpers and good swimmers! They usually travel in groups which are called, “herds.” There are many different types of deer and they all differ in size and weight. For instance,…

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Squirrels Go Nuts for Corn

corn for squirrels

How to use corn to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary: Squirrels can be your new furry, funny friends. Watching squirrels feed, interact, and play can be a stress relief and add enjoyment to your day. Watching squirrels play is not only amusing for you, but also beneficial to the squirrels. Studies show social…

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The Top 5 Wild Turkey Foods

We’re not talking about our delicious Thanksgiving meal—we’re talking about the wild turkeys that are native to North America. If you live near a woodsy area, you might see these creatures foraging for food. Wild turkeys are omnivores known to eat almost anything. According to the DNR, they can eat more than 100 different food…

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No More Pizza Crusts: Best Food for Squirrels

Anyone from Indiana knows about our famous squirrels. You can’t walk ten feet without passing one of these cute little critters, and when they beg for food with those squirrely eyes, you can’t say no! Unfortunately, because of this, squirrels end up being fed things like pizza crusts, cupcakes, donuts, and all sorts of foods…

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Daily Family Farms – Corn Feed for Squirrels and Deer

Living in Indiana, you are bound to see plenty of wildlife. In fact, most people don’t even bat an eye when a full grown buck prances across their yard. And how about those squirrels? These furry little creatures that were probably once deathly afraid of human civilization are now completely comfortable eating morsels right out…

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Baby Squirrel Food and Care

Look at the cute little baby squirrels! Scraping their tiny bellies on the lawn, making their fur damp! Hopping and frolicking with glistening coats toward the next bit of something-or-other that’s lying in the grass. But what’s in the grass? Is that a discarded potato chip? Oh no! My poor baby squirrel! Baby Squirrel Food…

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